Unable to Find true love or having problems in your existing relationship? Vastu can help you get control of your love life.


Balancing The Zones

Understanding the zones is essential to taking corrective action For your love life.



This is the zone of relationships. If there is any disturbance in this zone, your relationships will be affected.



If this zone is not balanced, it will create problems in your life.



This is the zone of rejuvenation. Unused or stored materials in this zone can cause staleness in your relationships.


  1. East-South-East

This is the zone of anxiety. Should be well balanced for effective decision making.



This is the zone of attraction. A good place for those seeking love or marriage.


Some Useful Tips

Here are some additional tips that you can implement for a better love life.

Remove red color from South-West zone to make it stronger.

Keep a pair of love birds in South-West zone to find true love.

Remove blue color from South-South-West zone to enhance love in your relationship.

There should no toilet or kitchen in the South-West direction


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