Your partner’s presence is enough to soothe your worries; and their touch enough to ignite your passion, even when you least expect it.

Yet, lately, you’ve been feeling a bit of unease in your relationship. Sure, you still feel happy and comforted with your partner. But the spark of your love has somehow gotten lost. Instead of those mushy pillow talks and sexual adventures, there’s rest and silence and that’s clearly something you should be concerned with.

Are you doing something wrong? Or are there other elements at play?

How Vastu Affects Your Home and Love Life

According to vastu, your home and most of all, your bedroom can have a great impact on the physical, mental and sexual strictures involved. And for those unfamiliar with vastu, it is the placement of certain elements in your home and space that can inevitably affect your love life and relationship.


Pallavi Chhelavda, a professional vastu consultant, stresses on the significance of direction in one’s bedroom. Your bedroom is linked to a level of intimacy. By exercising proper knowledge on direction, you can create a flow of energy that would promote a sensual and passionate atmosphere.

To start with, it’s more favorable if your bedroom is located in the South-west direction of your home, since this is the Earth element direction, one which fosters love and connection. Keep your bedroom clutter-free, especially the eastern corner so there’s no friction and conflict.

Place your bed in the South-west corner of your room, with the headboard against the wall rather than an open window. Doing so allows for uninterrupted sleep as it prompts a sense of security, and that leads to a more comforting presence.


Aside from your bed, your room’s décor also plays a big role in supporting your love life. Items such as artifacts, paintings, statues and mirrors etc. have to be kept in their correct locations so they can aid positive energy flow.

For example, if you have a dressing table with a mirror, keep in on either side of the bed, rather than against the foot of the bed. Having a mirror face the bed can lead to arguments and feelings of infidelity. However, if you’re not able to move the mirror, simply cover it with a cloth or curtain before you go to sleep.

Keep the lighting in your room to a minimum. Glaring lights aren’t just irritating, they also ruin the mood and make the surroundings seem stark; not something you need when you want a comforting and warm environment.

Also, when considering the color scheme of the room, stay away from dramatic colors like black, grey or red. Instead, choose from more subtle colors such as green or blue. But if they’re too light for your liking, use purple as your main hue.

Purple combines the energy of red and the calmness of blue, thus presenting a well-balanced shade that mimics your need for passion and inner comfort.

Smaller Decorations

When dealing with plants and flowers, stick to the real deal, instead of any artificial decorative choices. Fresh flowers always work when you want to create a romantic atmosphere.

As for candles, place your favorite ones in the South-East direction to allow the energy to flow in. But don’t light up too many.

Vastu Shastra can be of great help when it comes to rekindling that romance.

Hire a professional vastu consultant like Pallavi Chhelavda to guide you. And do all that you can to bring that fire and passion in your love life!

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