Our home is our kingdom and sanctuary.

It is the place that provides us with comfort and happiness in times of anguish and stress.

But what happens when that home doesn’t feel like home anymore?

Many blame their own restlessness for this feeling. However, for those who understand the method of energy flow and vastu feng shui, they may realize that there’s more to do with this discomfort than what we may know.

The Principles of Vastu at Work

There is a universal network of energy that flows around us. That restless feeling that we get at home is when the flow of energy is hindered by something. Since the energy becomes stagnant, the positive vibes become stagnant as well, and that creates negativity in our surroundings.

It is our job to create an atmosphere through the education of vastu living that allows us to use positive energy to our benefit, and direct the negative energy away from our home.

What Causes Bad Vibes in Our Home?

  •  Squeaky Entry Doors

According to Vastu, the entry door of your house is the first and last thing you encounter when you come and go.

If the door squeaks or makes a whining sound, that affects your well-being and your mood. Oiling your door hinge creates flexibility and allows ease in the flow of positive energy and you leave and enter your home.

Also, ensure that the other doors in your home aren’t squeaky as well. Many times, we become so used to it that we don’t notice the sounds anymore.

  •  Using the Garage Door

It’s a common practice for people to park their cars in the garage and then just use the back door to enter the house. Although convenient, using the back door is bad for the flow of energy.

Since the front door represents how the energy goes in and out of your home, not using it might hinder the flow.

A simple idea would be to use the front door more than once a week. Use it to go and get the mail, or when you go for a walk. Make the task of using the front door a part of your routine.

  •  Barren Kitchen Cabinet Tops

This is a marker for those kitchen cabinets that have a space on top. No space is usually good according to vastu since space attracts dust, dirt and stagnant energy that holds you back. However, if there is space above your kitchen cabinets, it’s important that you place something that fills the area up. Add lighting or beautiful objects above the location. Or add realistic looking green plants to bring the area to life.

This will transform the energy from bad to good.

These markers of bad vibes are just the beginning.

In my next blog, I’ll explain more ways you can use vastu to bring new life to your home. Stay tuned!

Ek Raah Aur Sahi Disha Jo Zindagi Badal De”

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