Vastu Shastra, the science of architecture, presents us with a unique viewpoint of the intended nature of our surroundings.

Rather than looking at our homes as structures of steel and brick, we view them as a source of inspiration and internal energy—a base for all our positive and negative experiences.

However, this understanding of our homes and living spaces isn’t just based on faith in vastu.

Focusing on the science aspect of vastu, we delve into details to following vastu guidelines and principles and how each relates to different elements of architecture.

The Basics of Vastu Shastra

The literal meaning of Vastu is house or home. In broader terms, it can be deemed as the plot of site of land. It also includes the compound wall and building that is built inside that plot of land.

Here, we consider Vastu Shastra for its Sanskrit meaning.

In Sanskrit, Vastu means comfort. This perception of comfort is related to the positioning the five basic elements of our surroundings namely; fire, air, earth, water and sky.

In connection to the eight directions (N, S, E, W, NE, SE, SW, NW), correct proportion of each with the five elements promotes positive energy and influences the life of those working in its vicinity.

Shastra in Sanskrit translates to science, which therefore lays the guidelines for arranging the abovementioned elements in your chosen living space.

Following Necessary Guidelines for Vastu Shastra

The workings of Vastu Shastra function on more than just your faith in their innate building ability.

Vastu Shastra uses direction and compatible elements to present you with a livable space that would increase positivity and create an appealing living space. Whether you credit efficient use of space or flow of energy for these benefits; that’s your decision. But it cannot be denied that if followed rigidly, these guidelines can provide your surroundings with equilibrium between different energies.

Seeking a Professional for Guidance

Although the teachings of vastu have evolved over time, vastu is a complex subject—one that can only be explained by an expert.

As a professional vastu feng shui consultant, I have the experience to work in different environments and cater to a wide range of customers. I offer my expertise as a gateway to a better life, so you can take charge of your destiny.



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