You may understand vastu as the science of architecture used to attract positive energy your way.

But vastu is so much more than just that. In its powerful stance, vastu gives you the chance to create and dictate your own life and destiny.

It can help you make decisions, bring positive energy, and assist in building your life the way you want.

Understanding Vastu

Before I go into the details, understand this.

Vastu for your home and career relate you to your environment and the earth. It creates a solid ground so you have the energy to work on your destiny.

However, vastu is not magic. If you follow the rules of vastu, you must be willing to dive deeper to adjust energies in a way that boosts your life in a positive manner.

The Rule of Vastu

Negative energy, even from past events, can have an acute effect on your present and future plans—even if that negative energy isn’t related to you.

If your current abode has reported cases of violent energy, such as suicide or murder, move out.

If your house was sold to you out of anxiety or stress on part of the homeowner, it can transfer the negative energy onto you. If your home is opposite a temple, hospital, school or factory, do not purchase it.

Such situations can cause an amalgam of energy to hinder your path, making it difficult for you to accomplish your goals. Also, understand that vastu utilizes smaller elements in your home to make a big difference. So follow the guidelines with an open mind.

Some Tips on Vastu for Your Home and Life

  • Make sure there is nothing obstructing the front door of your house. Wires, poles and pits can hinder the flow of positive energy and wealth.
  • Treat your home with respect, as you would a temple. Clutter and dirt triggers financial issues.
  • Install a fish aquarium in your home. The constant movement of the fish keeps the energy to stay on the move, allowing more positive direction to come through.
  • Open your windows every morning for at least 20 minutes. The stagnant energy curtails chances of wealth and earnings.
  • Keep all clocks in running order. Clocks maintain the flow of finances. If your clock is still, it keeps you behind on your dues.

Learning More about Vastu!

And this is just the start!

Vastu can give you complete knowledge about different ways things affect our destiny.

Learn from my experience! As a professional vastu feng shui consultant, I have the expertise to help you determine a better future.



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