Famous people, by nature, are a superstitious lot.

Because they live in the spotlight, they keep a watch on every element of their surrounding, making sure nothing untoward happens.

Many do so by employing their superstitions on every small and large aspect of their life.

But others, their first and only option of controlling their environment and its energy is by understanding and living under the guidelines and principles of vastu.

Effects of Vastu on Career and Life

As a professional vastu feng shui consultant, I have acute knowledge of the effects of vastu on home, life and career.

Firstly, understand that vastu is a science. Literally translated to the Science of Architecture, vastu uses design, layout, measurement and spatial geometry to deal with the relevant functions of structure and flow of energy. It opens up a broad platform for the practitioner.

By following the simplest guideline—such as making sure that the northeast corner is clear and without obstruction—people can raise their chances of attaining new career opportunities and living a prosperous life.

Connecting Vastu to Mood and Ability

Targeting famous or well-known people, it is simply impossible to encompass all these talented individuals in one category. So let’s take just one type of famous person as an example.

Actors live their lives in a very unique way. Through their acting abilities, they show the world a connection with a role that never existed, and that is a rare talent. However, because their job takes away so much energy, many become unstable in their personal life.

Instead of creating a sense of balance with their personal, professional and private life, they end up giving all their energy to one side, ignoring the rest. As a result, they encounter stress. And that is where Vastu comes in handy.

Vastu provides them with a proper course so they can direct positive energy to their advantage.

Hiring One of the Best Vastu Feng Shui Consultant

Vastu is nothing if not complex. This is why I urge people to always consult a professional consultant before they start following the guidelines of the science.

Our homes and lives are different. Ergo, any guidelines provided for each environment would be different as well.

I can offer my expertise on the matter through private and online consultations. 



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